EA-SAS Cooling

EA-SAS Cooling

EA-SAS Cooling is a Digital Twin of the cooling/refrigeration system, designed to reduce electricity consumption through continuous system monitoring and automatic Set Points control.  

Digital Twin for various system configurations:

  • Different refrigerants: ammonia, CO2, HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons, e.g. freon);
  • Screw, reciprocating and other compressors;
  • Dry expansion and liquid overfeed systems;
  • Various types of condensers and evaporators;
  • Single compression and multi-compression cycles;
  • Different applications: freezing, chilling, cold storage, air conditioning, air drying and other.

EA-SAS is the answer to:

  • How to reduce electricity consumption?
  • How to control Cooling/Refrigeration process according to variable product quantity and product type?
  • How to track the real efficiency indexes (EER, COP) online and know the real-time state of the system?
  • How to determine actual minimal costs needed to ensure technological requirements and avoid surplus energy consumption?

EA-SAS Cooling functionality:

  • Calculation and tracking of refrigeration energy consumption;
  • Predicting refrigeration demand;
  • Calculation and tracking of Compressors operation state and KPI’s: COP, isoentropic and volumetric efficiency and other;
  • Calculation and tracking of Condenser efficiency;
  • Calculation and tracking of Evaporators efficiency;
  • Required evaporation temperature control Set Point recommendations;
  • Required condensing temperature control Set Point recommendation;
  • Equipment deterioration monitoring;
  • Demand-response and price-based optimization. 


  • Constant refrigeration system maintenance is ensured without additional costs for qualified personnel;
  • Measures for reducing Refrigeration system energy consumption are determined;
  • Refrigeration system efficiency is automatically calculated and tracked;
  • User is informed about a tendentious drop of refrigeration system efficiency;
  • Presented information about equipment deterioration helps to prevent larger failures, plan maintenance repairs and costs.
  • Routine equipment maintenance (such as condenser cleaning, ice release from evaporators) is recommended based on actual need;
  • Actual cooling usage is tracked and compared with historical data, the user is notified about surplus cooling consumption;
  • Important information that helps to justify needed refrigeration system investments (an installment of variable frequency drives, new or more powerful condensers, and others) is collected.

AB Rokiškio sūris is one of the largest dairy producers in Lithuania. To create a high quality product, an energy-intensive process is required - refrigeration. In order to reduce electricity consumption in refrigeration systems, it was decided to install a digital twin EA-SAS Cooling. The refrigeration system is two-stage, with 4 compressors in the first stage and 2 in the second. The refrigeration system produces iced water at +2÷5°C and refrigerant at -30°C. With EA-SAS Cooling, the actual cold energy consumption is accounted for. Forecast cold demand based on production volumes. The EA-SAS Cooling environment produces a mass-energy balance of the refrigeration machine, real-time calculations of condenser and compressor efficiencies, as well as the full COP of the refrigeration machine. Smart accounting and scada data is collected and analysed in real time on a single platform, EA-SAS. The optimal control tasks for the refrigeration compressors are calculated by EA-SAS Cooling and transmitted to the refrigeration machine control system automatically from EA-SAS, without human intervention. The project has allowed us to reduce the electricity consumption of the refrigeration machine, monitor the compressor's operating mode remotely, see the COP of the refrigeration system in real time, and make maintenance decisions. Historical data is stored in the EA-SAS database. Energy Advice, UAB specialists have installed, trained and, if necessary, advised on the operation of the refrigeration system. We recommend Energy Advice, UAB for companies looking to improve the efficiency of their refrigeration systems and reduce electricity consumption.

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