EA-SAS Cooling is a digital twin of the cooling system designed to reduce refrigeration costs through continuous system monitoring and optimal control. This includes condensing pressure control, evaporative pressure control, refrigeration energy balance and system KPI monitoring.

Key benefits of EA-SAS Cooling:

  • Constant refrigeration system maintenance is ensured without additional costs for qualified personnel;
  • Measures for reducing Refrigeration system energy consumption are determined;
  • Refrigeration system efficiency is automatically calculated and tracked;
  • User is informed about a tendentious drop of refrigeration system efficiency;
  • Presented information about equipment deterioration helps to prevent larger failures, plan maintenance repairs and costs.
  • Routine equipment maintenance (such as condenser cleaning, ice release from evaporators) is recommended based on actual need;
  • Actual cooling usage is tracked and compared with historical data, the user is notified about surplus cooling consumption;
  • Important information that helps to justify needed refrigeration system investments (an installment of variable frequency drives, new or more powerful condensers, and others) is collected. 

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