EA-SAS Drying

EA-SAS Drying is a digital twin of the drying system designed to reduce heat consumption in the drying process through continuous system monitoring and optimal control. This includes reducing the drying time, maintaining the optimum humidity of the air supplied to the dryer, controlling the recirculation valves, setting the process completion, monitoring the system KPI.

Key benefits of EA-SAS Drying:

  • Shorter drying process;
  • Lower energy consumption for drying;
  • Larger amount of dried production yearly;
  • Monitoring of loading and unloading durations;
  • Estimation of residual moisture by indirect measurement methods (calculated);
  • Initial recording of product moisture content;
  • Dryer dew point control;

EA-SAS Drying application:

  • Drying of wood raw materials or products;
  • Grain drying;
  • Malt drying;
  • Drying of milk flour;
  • Drying of calcium ammonium nitrate UAN fertilizer;
  • Cement wood boards;
  • Other bulk products.

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