EA-SAS Heating – digital twin of the heating network

One of the main challenges for district heating companies is to optimize investments to keep reliability, also to operate District Heating network in the most efficient way. Digital Twin solution with real-time hydraulic-thermal calculations creates an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions, increase renewables penetration and optimize maintenance costs, thus giving way to 5th generation DH network operation.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate hourly forecasts allow you to control your network in the most efficient way. Heat generation tasks are automatically generated and sent to the responsible staff. The task consists of set points for the temperature, flow, pressure and frequency converters settings.
  • In both the generation and planning stages, the human factor is eliminated, which allows to reduce network maintenance costs and manage the network according to the calculated optimal mode for each hour.
  • Optimal control of heating networks allows to reduce energy losses by about 10%.

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