AB „KLAIPĖDOS MEDIENA“ is one of the largest companies of VMG Group in Lithuania. We are producers of particle board and cabinet furniture from finished PB. In order to improve efficiency of manufacturing processes, we have chosen company UAB “Energy Advice” to conduct full-scale energy audit and make detail evaluation of compressed air and ventilation system. Energy Advice professionals proposed solutions for energy efficiency improvement. In the report, technical methods are proposed on how to reduce energy consumption of dust collection, compressed air, electricity distribution and heating systems. Services were provided on time and with great quality. We recommend Energy Advice as a reliable partner.
Nikolajus Ivanovas
Director  - AB Klaipėdos mediena
This is to state that Company „Energy Advice“ performed energy audit at Vita Baltic International factory with great quality. At audit‘s report, recommended measures for compressed air, heat production and supply, ventilation, raw materials transportation and cooling systems energy consumption reduction were provided. Measures were proposed based on manufacturing companies good practice and novelties in energy consumption reduction field.
Rimas Šilanskas
Energy Engineer  - Vita Baltic International
Company ,,Energy Advice" performed energy audit at company UAB Fazer Lietuva for the second time. After engineering system analysis reports regarding water, compressed air, reactive power, cooling-air conditioning systems energy consumption and cost reduction measures were presented. We are planning to implement suggested recommendations in the nearest future. Energy Advice specialists provided services on time, presented results for responsible employees. We are satisfied with the quality of provided services.
Saulius Švedas
Technical manager  - UAB Fazer Lietuva
Energy networks engineering design company UAB „Elinijos“ purchased computer software EAPSM Electric. While designing electrical network, this tool helps us to solve challenges regarding companies, distribution and transmission electrical networks calculations, modelling and relay protection coordination and tracking. Software is reliable, time consuming and based on international standards. EA-PSM Electric allows us quickly and in great quality do power systems studies and provide high quality services with good price to our Clients. UAB „Elinijos“ recommends software EA-PSM Electric.
Egidijus Žaltauskas
Director  - UAB „Elinijos“
Rzeszow University of Technology acquired EA-PSM Electric software for computer classes, also training and support. Academic community of the University will be using EA-PSM software for educational and research purposes. Energy Advice provided a training which left a good impression due to the competence and professionalism of the lecturer, well balanced theoretical and practical material and the relevance of topics.
Kamil Parfianowicz
Department of Power Electronics and Power Engineering Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering  - Rzeszow University of Technology
Roquette Amilina AB confirms that from 23.09.2019 to 20.02.2020 Energy Advice performed detailed evaluation of system of compressed air using software EA-PSM Hydraulic. A detailed analysis of compressed air system operating modes was made, with clear recommendations based on engineering calculations and financial evaluation. The recommendations will have an impact impact on the operation of the compressed air system. Services were delivered on time and results presented to responsible personnel. We recommend UAB Energy Advice as a reliable and responsible partner.
Edvinas Bernotas
General manager  - Roquette Amilina AB
AB Rokiškio sūris states that company UAB Energy Advice provides control of energy consumption indexes. Based on hourly production volumes EA-SAS software forecasts energy consumption for each hour. System provides recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption and operate devices properly. What is more, Energy Advice specialists provides professional consulting regarding electricity procurement: helps to choose the most advantageous electricity procurement plan, based on company electricity consumption and electricity price forecasts.
Kazys Guobušas
Head Engineer  - AB Rokiškio sūris
UAB “Energy Advice” performed energy audit at company UAB “Gealan Baltic” for the second time. Energy Advice personnel responsibly analyzed specifics of the operating devices as well as production processes and proposed measures for the energy efficiency improvement. These measures included modernization of the cooling machine automation system, optimization of parallel pumps capacity control and compressed air consumption reduction. Also, strategy for energy and production metering data application was proposed. Recommended implementations were easily understandable and economic feasibility was presented. We do recommend UAB “Energy Advice” energy audit service for companies that seek to enhance energy efficiency.
Jaunius Šileikis
Director  - JSC „Gealan Baltic“
UAB “Diab” is the leading manufacturer of structural core materials for composite applications. In order to improve efficiency of manufacturing processes, we have chosen company UAB “Energy Advice” to conduct full-scale energy audit. Energy Advice professionals have assessed the most energy intensive processes and proposed efficiency improvement solutions. In the report, technical methods are proposed on how to reduce energy consumption of dust collection, compressed air, electricity distribution and heating systems.
Marius Balvočius
Director  - UAB Diab
Energy Advice performed energy appraisal service and showed competence and skills. Their personnel explored the specifics of our company and delivered range of recommendations to achieve the specified energy appraisal goals. While the proposed energy appraisal measures do not requires large investment, the company AB Jonavos grūdai would be beneficial. The company recommends Energy Advice as a reliable partner for companies who is in charge of increase their energy efficiency.
Mantas Butas
Head of commerce and innovation division  - AB Jonavos grūdai
Energy Advice auditors performed energy efficiency audit in our company, found energy consumption of the most energy intensive manufacturing processes and for separate product groups, because of this, now we can calculate separate products prime cost with a greater accuracy. What is more, they proposed several technically and economically based solutions for energy consumption reduction. Energy Advice professionals have the required competences to conduct energy appraisal activities.
Lionginas Šepetys
General Director  - UAB Kėdainių konservų fabrikas
A company JSC "IOCO Packaging", company code 110564826, registered at Pusaloto str. 212, Panevezys, bought energy consumption audit service from JSC "Energy Advice". Detail energy audit services accomplished comprehensively: analysed compressed air systems, gas, electricity and heat consumption. Energy audit report, ensured successful EU funding in "Renewable energy sources for industry LT+" program.
Gvidas Drobužas
General Director  - UAB IOCO
JSC "Energy Advice" implemented Energy Audit services according to Directive 2012/27/ES in JSC "Kitron". Experienced energy consultants identified saving opportunities in heating, humidification and cooling systems. Also, provided recommendations for energy efficient operation of the ventilation system. We highly recommend Energy Advice to companies that are seeking to reduce their energy consumption.
Daumantas Barčas
Manufaturing Leader  - UAB Kitron
JSC "Energy Advice" team found saving opportunities on the most energy intense systems like ventilation and compressed air. They have calculated savings potential by the implementation of the solar power plant and building insulation. Due to the recommendations, we have avoided expenditures on less efficient saving opportunities and can concentrate on the cost-effective solutions. We recommend Energy Advice audit services.
Jonas Karčiauskas
General Manager  - UAB Audėjas
„Kauno baldai“, company code 133513698, registered in Drobes str. 66 LT-45500, Kaunas purchased JSC „Energy Advice“ energy consumption audit. We note that the JSC „Energy advice“ audit was done thoroughly: engineers analyzed the compressed air and air draught systems  as well as electricity, heating and water consumption. The company provided recommendations on savings and solutions to optimize electricity, water, compressed air and heating costs. The experts presented the results and answered our questions.
Tomas Mauricas
General manager  - AB Kauno baldai
Distribution network operator AB LESTO notice, that the company Energy Advice has done an excellent job organizing and carrying out a Relay protection and automation training course, which purpose was to raise the qualification of the engineering personnel, provide additional knowledge and recommendations about the organisation of the operation of electrical network. The lector Ph.D. Vytautas Šiožinys has strong knowledge of the thought subjects. The information and experience gained by solving practical cases have been applied in everyday tasks.
Jolanta Diskaitė
Head of Personnel development department  - AB LESTO
Energy Advice has provided Energy Audit services and proven itself as a reliable partner. We got professional recommendations for electrical and heat energy consumption reduction that can be implemented with minor investments. We are planning to implement technically and financially justified recommendations in the nearest future. JSC Fazer Lietuva highly recommends Energy Advice services for other companies that are seeking to increase energy efficiency and reduce expense for energy consumption. JSC Fazer Lietuva is a part of Fazer Group that has 15 thousand employees and operating in 8 countries.
Saulius Švedas
Technical director  - JSC Fazer Lietuva
Company Energy Advice performed relay coordination audit for the Vilnius Power Plant. In the study, sensitivity and selectivity of the protection devices where analyzed under various network conditions. We got recommendations how to maintain protection system reliability after the power plant substation reconstruction. Recommendations where comprehensively validated by providing minimum and maximum short circuit currents as well as power flows results, calculated with power system modeling software. Full-scale calculations where done in less than one workweek. We can ensure that Energy Advice is reliable partner.
Mindaugas Stankevičius
Sales Project Manager  - UAB Energetikos paslaugų ir rangos organizacija
Achema is a leading producer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products in Lithuania and the Baltics. Company Energy Advice accomplished energy audit in AB “Achema” factory. The proposals, provided by the energy auditors, are oriented into the most energy intensive manufacturing processes with the biggest energy saving potential and could help to increase energy efficiency of the plant. Practical suggestions were provided of how to beneficially utilize surplus energy that forms during manufacturing processes. Energy audit services provided by the company Energy Advice were finished on time and with best quality.
Juozas Tunaitis
Technical Director  - AB Achema
Public Company "ORLEN Lietuva" ordered and "Energy Advice" has conducted the "ORLEN Lietuva" personnel training program for electrical engineers to update the existing professional knowledge. "Energy Advice" can be described as professional and efficient supplier since the quality of training always meets the expectations of the Company's management. We recommend "Energy Advice" as a qualified supplier.
Birutė Jedlinski
HR Director  - AB Orlen Lietuva
AB „Kauno energija” (Lithuania, EU) is the centralized heat supplier for the residents and organizations of Kaunas town and Kaunas district for more than 50 years. As of today, AB „Kauno energija” is highly developed modern DH Sector, the second largest utility in Lithuania according to the business volumes. The heat is being supplied to over 117 thousand consumers (households and organizations), which takes approximately 20 percent of country’s centralized heat supply market. UAB Kaunas energy is using software EA- PSM. This program is best for recognition of unforeseen errors when acquiring new equipment. Working with this software we can select optimal parameters for motors, generators, cables, capacitors, transformer, frequency drives, etc. Existing equipment failure analysis and prevention from the disturbances are performed to increase network reliability. The program is also used for the power flow, short circuit calculations, harmonic load flow as well as solving the relay protection and automation coordination tasks. We confirm that EA- PSM implemented by Energy Advice fulfilled all expectation of AB „Kauno energija”.
Vaidas Šleivys
Head of product department  - AB Kauno energija
We are one of the engineering service providers acclaimed by clients like FORD INDIA, SAINT GOBAIN GLASS, GE ENERGY, DOW CHEMICALS, APOLLO TYRES, SP INFO CITY, SIEMENS LTD, ETC for the technical competency in electrical design, project engineering, consultancy, management and services. We are offering comple complete power system analysis, protection coordination study, reengineering industrial electrical distribution system, predictive maitenence services and risk analysis etc and offer complete solution for safe working environment. We find EA PSM software a versitile tool to design & implement new projects to international standards, select protection system components, apply better relay coordination settings, scrutinise the existing power disribution arrangements and apply corrective measures, predictive maitenence scheduling, safety measures etc.
C. George Chockiah
CEO  - George Associates
In 2016 company JSC Energy Advice accomplished detailed audit of Lithuania’s central bank building systems (Gedimino pr. 6, Totori7 str. 2, 4 and Žirmūnų str. 151, Vilnius). Audit included comprehensive analysis of electrical, heating and air conditioning systems. Provided results consist of full electrical network one-line diagrams, analysis of heating, hot water and air conditioning systems condition, calculation of reliability factors and probabilities of uninterruptible power supply failure for first category electrical loads. Proposed electrical and heating networks optimization techniques and recommended solutions for problems are sufficiently justified and explained.
Gintautas Moška
Director of Services Administration Department at Organization Service  - Bank of Lithuania
We started using EA-PSM software for carrying out various studies like power flow analysis, short circuit analysis, harmonic analysis and arc flash analysis as a part of our design process for our clients and fidn it extremely useful. The software is simple and easy to handle, thus enabling our design team get acquainted with the software quickly, saving the time involved. This also enabled enhancing the confidence of the team in their design activities. We would be happy to recommend to our fellow consultants to liberally use this software that would ascertain the reliability of the design and the confidence level of the designer engineers.
L. Ravichandran
CEO & Sr. Consultant  - LRV Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd
"EA-PSM" helps our engineers solve challenging tasks, calculate parameters and choose the required equipment for PV systems to be efficient and reliable. "EA-PSM" software has a user friendly interface and innovative solutions to prepare reports. Also, the company's team is always ready to assist us in our daily use of the software. "UAB DETRA Solar" recommends "Energy Advice" as trusted partner.
Roland Sliautaris
Head of Engineer  - DETRA Solar
JSC “Energy Advice” conducted audit on “Grigeo” 6kV SI-2 substation reconstruction technical project (electric design and relay protect parts). During a short period of time, “Energy Advice” team professionally evaluated technical design solutions compatibility with local and international standards. High design project quality was reached, as a result of this study. We recommend JSC “Energy Advice” as trusty partner which carries a high level of service.
Darius Šablinskas
Head of electrical engineering group  - Grigeo
The engineering staff of UAB DS Smith Packaging Lithuania participates in practical training sessions organized by UAB Energy Advice with EA-PSM Electric software. We are glad that gained knowledge will help us to optimize factory power grid, reduce downtime and electricity consumption. We recommend UAB Energy Advice as a responsible and reliable partner.
Mantas Davulis
Maintenance Manager  - DS Smith
The employees of the technical dpt. of AB "Rokiškio sūris" participated in trainings run by JSC "Energy Advice": "Compressed air system effectiveness optimization in industrial plants" and "Increasing energy effectiveness in cooling systems". The participants were given lectures on basic system processes, their laws and calculation methods, as well as practical tasks and examples. The trainings left a good impression due to the competence and professionalism of the lecturer, well balanced theoretical and practical material and the contemporary applications of topics.
Artūras Vainiūnas
Technical Director  - AB Rokiškio sūris
UAB Axis Power acquired a license of the EA-PSM software. It helps us to solve the challenges of implementing projects. An advantage of EA-PSM – all functions in one program. It is a reliable, time-saving tool for engineers. The program EA-PSM performs tasks such as electrical equipment selection and verification of existing schemes items under load currents and short-circuit conditions; selection of capacitor banks and reactive power balancing; current and voltage harmonic levels of network distribution and electromagnetic compatibility assessment; relay protection and automatic provisions calculation and coordination. UAB Axis Power recommends software EA-PSM. We especially appreciate fast and high quality services and professional advice.
Rimvydas Jarimavičius
General Director  - UAB Axis Power
EA-PSM is user-friendly and easy to use tool with trusted output data and calculations. During the training I understood how to analyse company's electrical grid, control losses and find inexpensive and reliable solutions which help to ensure the durability of equipment. Engineers are very helpful and responsive.
Kęstutis Kulikauskas
Head of Energy dpt.  - AB Astra
UAB Vilniaus energija engineers are using software EA-PSM that allows to make fast, reliable and economically feasible decisions on optimizing electrical network. It helps us to reduce power losses and increase network reliability. We rely on Energy Advice team because we always receive clear and useful responses to our problems.
Raimondas Valentinas Stiga
Production Director  - UAB Vilniaus energija
Electrum sp. z.o.o. engineers are using software EA-PSM by company Energy Advice. We use software to work with the most challenging renewable energy projects, also industrial and distribution networks. EA-PSM functionalities cover majority of our needs for electrical network calculations. We are pleased with Energy Advice consulting and support that includes new functionalities development according to our project requirements.
Marcin Oksimowicz
Head of Engineering  - Electrum sp. z o.o.