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A team of experienced engineers, analysts and programmers capable of providing the knowledge and IT systems to solve complex engineering challenges.



Helping companies meet their CO2 reduction targets.



Lead the development and deployment of energy-efficient IT systems in the most energy-intensive sectors.

“The most important idea of our business is to grow together with customers and offer the functionality needed for real projects. We are here to share our expertise and professional help. ”

CEO Ph.D. Vytautas Šiožinys

“In today’s world, every engineer needs to be able to make a decision in minutes. We develop software that saves engineers time and improves the quality of made decisions. ”

Executive Director Ph.D. Milvydas Šiožinys

"Our decision-making consulting is based on the implementation of efficient, reliable and safe technical solutions."

Energy project manager Mantas Kaminickas


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Engineering training and seminars

Energy Advice focuses only on high-quality, practice-based, beneficial training. The theory is taught during the training, as well as real engineering situations are analyzed, technical tasks are calculated, practical experience is shared, and a discussion takes place.

Customer feedback

Implemented projects

We confirm that Energy Advice has developed a Digital Twin for the glass melting furnace. Energy Advice has installed EA-SAS software, developed a mathematical model of the glass melting furnace, and commissioned it. Digital Twin model allows us to monitor glass furnace process remotely, also as control technological process in real time by providing optimum operation setpoints. Project benefits: reduced energy consumption for glass melting process, increased glass furnace life time, identified furnace maloperation, determined components efficiency. The project was implemented on time. We recommend Energy Advice as reliable partner for Digital Twin development and implementation.

UAB „Kauno stiklas“
Irmantas Zabulis, Finance director

UAB “Šalčininkų šilumos tinklai” confirms that UAB “Energy Advice” has carried out a digitization project for a biofuel boiler house (5 MW). EA-SAS Boiler system monitors, analyzes and evaluates the efficiency of the boiler and perform automated control in order to increase production efficiency. The implemented solution helps to burn fuel more efficiently, the boiler NVK has been improved. We managed to prolong time between maintenance due to data analysis. We recommend UAB “Energy Advice” as a reliable partner in digitization projects.

Šalčininkų šilumos tinklai
Artur Danulevič, Director

UAB “Šalčininkų šilumos tinklai” is a district heating company and supply ~18,5 GWh heat per year. We have been using UAB “Energy Advice” solution EA-SAS Heating based on Digital Twin technology from 2020. Thermo-hydraulic calculations and real time date evaluation is performed constantly in order to control the network and reduce losses. The digital model of the heating network also allows us to make fast and high-quality network development decisions. We confirm that even small town heat supply companies benefit from digitization projects, and we recommend Energy Advice as a reliable partner in digitization and energy saving.

Šalčininkų šilumos tinklai
Artur Danulevič, Director

Vilnius city municipality together with Energy Advice joined an Intelligent Energy lab initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to create open platform for generating and implementing smart energy solutions for Vilnius city. For Intelligent Energy lab initiative, Vilnius city municipality building at Konstitucijos av. 3 was selected for increasing energy efficiency with the help of state-of-the-art digitalization methods. Energy Advice used EA-SAS analytical system to read smart metering data and create digital twin model for building in Konstitucijos pr. 3. Digital twin allowed to determine reasonably and wastefully consumed thermal, cooling, electrical energy and water amount for each operation hour. During the project, Dashboard window with reports was created at EA-SAS program that allows to easily track energy consumption indexes and promptly respond for the responsible personnel. During the project it was determined that the potential to reduce energy consumption can reach 30%. Services were provided with great efficiency and quality. We recommend cooperation with UAB „Energy Advice“.

Vilnius City Municipality Administration
Eglė Radvilė, Administrative Advisor

AB Rokiškio sūris is one of the largest manufacturer of the dairy products in Lithuania. In order to produce a high quality product, an energy-intensive cooling and refrigeration process is necessary.                                                                                               In pursuit to reduce electrical energy consumption in refrigeration systems it was decided to implement Digital Twin.  Data from smart-metering and Scada is collected and analyzed in the real time at one EA-SAS platform. Set points for Refrigeration compressors operation are calculated at EA-SAS Cooling and sent to refrigeration control system automatically without human interaction.                                                                                          Project allowed to reduce the refrigeration system electricity consumption, it lets us to monitor the compressor room operation remotely and to know the system’s COP in real time, thus allowing to make maintenance decisions.

AB Rokiškio sūris
Artūras Vainiūnas, Technical Director

EU project: Implementation of e-commerce model

UAB Energy Advice is implementing the EU structurally funded project No. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860-01-0857 „E. implementation of a commercial model in UAB Energy Advice.One of the products developed by the company is the EA-SAS platform. In order to increase its competitiveness, attract more customers and serve them more efficiently, expand sales of EA-SAS products, company decided to digitize sales processes and sell EA-SAS products. using e-commerce solutions. This project is innovative because it will create an e-commerce platform using state-of-the-art information technology to provide new opportunities for innovative product sales.

EU project: Export development

15.08.2019 UAB Energy Advice is implementing the project “UAB Energy Advice Export Development” according to the 2014-2020. Measure No. of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program Priority 3 “Promotion of Small and Medium Business Competitiveness” 03.2.1.-LVPA-K-801 “New opportunities for LT”. UAB Energy Advice aims to remain competitive in the market, therefore additional investments are planned in the presentation of its services and products in international market.

EU project: Development of EA-INDUSTRY system

2018.05.30 UAB Energy Advice implemented the project “Development of an innovative complex energy resource modeling system for industrial enterprises”, project code no. J05-LVPA-K-03-0002, funded under the measure “Intelligence. Joint science-business projects ”. Start of project implementation - 25.05.2018. end - 24/05/2020 According to the director of UAB Energy Advice dr. Vytautas Šiožinys, Reduction of Energy Consumption and Waste is becoming more and more important for Industrial Enterprises.

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