EA-SAS Boiler

EA-SAS Boiler – an analytical system based on Digital Twin technology that monitors, analyses, estimates boiler efficiency and controls it in most efficient way.

IT system continuously collects real SCADA metering data and performs calculations in Cloud. This way, real time mathematical modelling is performed based on metering data. Such mathematical model computes biomass energy KPIs: calorific value and moisture content, evaluates biomass fuel dosing process, economizer efficiency, thermal losses with input air and exhausted gasses. Based on these KPIs, operator receives control tasks for each operation hour. Tasks can be accessed at the Web interface of the system, received by e-mail, or directly stetted in the SCADA system. These optimal control tasks allow to control  biomass fuel combustion process in the most efficient way.

An additional benefit provided by the analytical system EA-SAS Boiler is maintenance planning. A decrease in the efficiency of the boiler signals about impending failures.

KPIs calculated and provided to the responsible staff:

  • Boiler efficiency, %;
  • Economizer efficiency, %;
  • Plant efficiency, %;
  • Biomass consumption in MWh, biomass consumption in tons;
  • Energy production prime cost, Eur/MWh; Eur/toe;
  • Costs of electricity kWh/MWh thermal;
  • Energy prime cost tne/MWh thermal;
  • Energy for tn of biomass/MWh thermal;
  • Biomass energy KPIs: calorific value in MJ/kg and moisture content %;
  • Excess air ratio % change in time.

Solution in one place

EA-SAS Boiler functionality for Boiler:

  • Boiler efficiency Advisor;
  • Fuel moisture Advisor (no extra sensor);
  • Amount of fuel burned Advisor;
  • Fuel supply Advisor;
  • Flue gas recirculation Advisor;
  • Grate rate Advisor;
  • Soot blowing Advisor;
  • Acid dew point Advisor;
  • Water dew point Advisor;
  • Flue gas hydraulic losses Advisor;
  • Heat transfer rate Advisor;
  • Corrosion rate Advisor;
  • Erosion rate Advisor.

EA-SAS Boiler functionality for Condensing Economizer:

  • Heat Transfer rate Advisor;
  • Economizer Utilization Advisor;
  • Dew Point Advisor.

EA-SAS Boiler functionality for Turbine:

  • Turbine efficiency Advisor;
  • Turbine condenser temperature.

EA-SAS Boiler functionality for group Boiler Control:

  • Dispatch command collection;
  • Optimum operation setpoint Advisor.

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  • Boiler efficiency Advisor
  • Fuel moisture Advisor (no extra sensor)
  • Amount of fuel burned Advisor
  • Fuel supply Advisor
  • Flue gas recirculation Advisor
  • Grate rate Advisor