Development of a climate-neutral strategy

The European Union aims that until year of 2050 in Europe the impact on the climate would be neutral, with the aim of becoming a neutralized GHG (greenhouse gas) economy. The transition to a climate-neutral society is both an urgent challenge and an opportunity to build a better future for all. Inevitably, industries that consume a lot of energy for manufacturing will have to be proactive in order to achieve common European goals.

What steps should a company take to become a climate-neutral company?

We suggest starting with strategy of becoming a climate-neutral company. An inventory of the impact of the activities on greenhouse gas emissions must be carried out first, followed by a plan of measures to reduce GHG emissions.

GHG inventory and calculations are based on the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol and / or equivalent international GHG calculation methodologies.

The concluded plan of recommended measures for the reduction (and / or compensation) of GHG emissions will propose measures, the sum of the estimated impact of which would allow the company to become an climate-neutral.

The provided recommendations will be selected in consultation with the Service Recipient, according to the justified effectiveness of the measures, the need for financial resources for their implementation will be assessed, and the recommended implementation schedule will be recommended.

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