EA-SAS Ventilation

EA-SAS Ventilation

EA-SAS Ventilation is a Digital Twin of ventilation systems for industrial and building applications. Advanced control optimizes operation also reviews the operating modes of all installed components. During the installation of the system, a detailed inventory of the ventilation system is performed, a mathematical model is created – a Digital Twin, that fully describes the indoor microclimate and the ventilation system. EA-SAS Ventilation automatically collects the required data from the controllers, BMS, Scada and other databases, performs the necessary calculations based on this data and submits a set point task for the ventilation system control.

At the online graphical UI user can view the operating modes of all installed ventilation systems in real time: its performance, temperatures, filter blockages, humidity and more.


Problems that can be solved:

  • Real time mass and energy balance of demand side
  • Real time estimation of supplied air quality requirements, such as
    temperature, humidity, static pressure
  • Advanced and automated ventilation system control


Closed joint-stock company Multimeda, company code 147863452, registered at M. Mažvydo str. 12E, Radviliškis purchased an energy audit service from UAB Energy Advice. We note that the audit performed by UAB Energy Advice was performed in detail: compressed air and exhaust ventilation systems, the main consumers of electricity and heat were analyzed, and recommendations were provided. Specialized software has been applied to perform ventilation system flow calculations. The company’s specialists presented the results and answered our questions.
Paslaugos energetiniam ir technologiniam efektyvumui

Vaidas Gudelis, Director - UAB Multimeda

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