EA-SAS Ventilation is an analytical system based on digital twin technology for monitoring, analyzing and evaluating ventilation systems. During the installation of the system, a detailed inventory of the ventilation system is performed, a mathematical model is created: a digital twin, that fully describes the indoor microclimate and the ventilation system. EA-SAS Ventilation automatically collects the required data from the controllers, BMS, scada and other databases, performs the necessary calculations based on this data and submits a set point task for the ventilation system control.

At the online graphical UI user can view the operating modes of all installed ventilation systems in real time: its performance, temperatures, filter blockages, humidity and more.

What are the benefits of EA-SAS Ventilation?

  • Minimized energy consumption;
  • Reduced staff time costs for facility management and maintenance;
  • Detailed inventory of equipment and process and digitization of collected information;
  • Automatic filter condition monitoring and notifications of upcoming filter changes;
  • Monitoring of indoor microclimate parameters and reporting of deviations;
  • Possibility to remotely monitor the operation of the systems;
  • Reduced risk of spreading respiratory diseases.

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