Power system studies

Paslaugos energetiniam pramonės efektyvumui

Providing wide variety of engineering services from power systems design and development areas. Our expertise covers transmission, distribution and industrial networks. We deliver expert solutions for comprehensive power system studies.  Power system planning requires great knowledge, analysis of vast amount of data and accuracy. Specialized program EA-PSM Electric is used to perform analysis, which allows us to responsibly assess various operation modes, anticipate threats and ensure reliability.

We are glad that UAB Energy Advice has entrusted the expertise of electrical engineering and relay protection and automation parts to the reconstruction project of AB Grigeo 6kV SĮ-2 switchyard.
The company's employees professionally and quickly assessed the compliance of the project solutions with the applicable legal acts and international standards and provided many useful comments. The presented conclusions of the expertise allowed to achieve the desired high result and to have a well-prepared technical work project. We recommend UAB Energy Advice as a reliable partner that provides high-level services and consultations.

Paslaugos energetiniam ir technologiniam efektyvumui
Darius Šablinskas
Paper Production Department Head of the Electrical Division of the Technical Division

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