Production technological audit

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Production technological audit is a process during which specialists evaluate the company’s production process and technology. The purpose of this audit is to assess the efficiency of production, identify potential problem areas and weaknesses, and suggest ways to optimise the production process.

Objectives of the technological audit:

  • Review existing production KPIs;
  • Determine new production KPIs if it is found that existing indicators are insufficient;
  • Identify factors that reduce efficiency and productivity;
  • Provide recommendations regarding:
    • equipment replacement;
    • increasing existing equipment automation level;
    • replacement of existing equipment;
    • possibilities for the use of smart technologies and artificial intelligence;
  • Provide technical specifications for investments;
  • Prepare and present a detailed report with an action plan.
  1. Increased productivity;
  2. Increase in quality;
  3. Waste utilization;
  4. Increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions;
  5. Implementation of LEAN processes;
  6. Evaluation of individual workstations’ efficiency, workforce qualification, or workforce reduction.

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