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Paslaugos energetiniam pramonės efektyvumui
Energy Advice is the leading energy auditing company in Lithuania

The purpose of energy audit is to analyse energy use of the facility, find out the potential for energy savings and present recommendations with saving proposals. Energy audits should not only focus on optimizing separate technologies but even more important make systematic assessments of the entire production process. .

Energy audits of industrial installations and technological processes help to identify measures that will help to achieve energy efficiency.  The audit covers all types of energy used in the industrial plant and all energy-using equipment and technological processes.

What Energy Audit gives to the Customer?

  • Identifies highest achievable potential of energy and costs savings.
  • Points out visible as well as hidden technical/operational/technological deficiencies.
  • Recommends technical parameters of measures.
  • Calculates investment needs of measures, their asset – economical, technical.
  • Proposes procedure for realization of measures.
  • It is a very effective technical, economical, and management tool for investment decision processes going out of techno – economic modeling.
The audit is performed by introducing:
  • energy consumption for ongoing technological processes and technological equipment;
  • the energy consumption of the building to meet the needs of the people working in or otherwise using the building;
  • energy consumption of existing passenger and freight road transport vehicles.
Energy Advice has the right to perform audits in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania:
  • qualified auditor to perform energy audits in buildings;
  • qualified auditor to perform energy audits facilities and technological processes.

UAB Energy Advice performed energy consumption audits in three factories of AB MV GROUP Production: Stumbras, Alita and Anykščių Vynas. UAB Energy Advice has thoroughly assessed all possible measures to increase the energy efficiency of these plants. The proposed measures include increasing the efficiency of space heating and ventilation, steam generation and cooling systems. The audit identified waste energy sources and their use possibilities, provided comments on the shortcomings of contracts with energy suppliers. The auditors not only provided conclusions on cost reductions, but also assisted in the adoption of newly installed refrigeration systems, pointing out their shortcomings. We recommend UAB Energy Advice as a responsible partner.

Paslaugos energetiniam ir technologiniam efektyvumui
Česlovas Matuliavičius
General Director - AB MV GROUP Production

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