District Heating Network Digitalization

with EA-SAS Heating

Challenges for district heating companies

One of the main challenges for district heating companies is to optimize investments to keep reliability, also to operate District Heating network in the most efficient way. Digital Twin solution with real-time hydraulic-thermal calculations creates an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions, increase renewables penetration and optimize maintenance costs, thus giving way to 5th generation DH network operation.

Delivering new Digital Twin technology with

EA-SAS Heating

Digital Twin solution helps to integrate the physical and digital.

Solution in one place

  • Willing to move toward Low Temperature DH Network operation
  • High heat losses
  • Energy Storage Cost optimization
  • High return temperature
  • Costly Human errors
  • How to integrate Renewable Energy Sources in DH Network?
  • Too High Maintenance costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Smart meter data are not involved to decision making
  • Decrease of Pump performance

EA-SAS Heating

would be beneficial for you if:

  • Operation quality depends on person
  • Online Data analysis is not included in decision making
  • Willing to run DH Network in optimal way
  • You are required to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Multiple Renewable energy sources must be integrated in DH Network
  • Energy storage operation planning becomes too complex
  • You would like to decrease CAPEX and OPEX

Who is a user?


easy decisions


simulate flow, pressure and distribution network thermal behavior


full picture of network and control

Control room

set point for optimum network control


accurate calculation rather than trial and error

Unlock EA-SAS Heating ROI with precise operation