With electricity price changing unpredictably, many companies are looking for ways to reduce their electricity consumption. Electricity consumption of refrigeration system and efficiency of chillers and freezers depends on many factors such as production volume, production type, outdoor temperature, and moisture levels in the technological environment. These and more are the variables that technicians and engineers responsible for the cooling system must deal with.

In this webinar we present these topics:

  • What is Digital Twin technology and how it can improve refrigeration system control?
  • Practical examples how Digital Twin technology helps to reduce up to 30 % electricity consumption for refrigeration.
  • Optimal refrigeration system control according to real-time data evaluation.
  • Why it is important to track actual cooling energy demand?
  • How to determine theoretical amount of energy needed for refrigeration?
  • How to evaluate and determine requirements for a refrigerant (cooling agent) parameters?

Energy Advice is a technology development and consulting company focused on energy-intensive industries, developing digital solutions and providing consulting services to increase efficiency and sustainability.

EA-SAS Cooling is a Digital Twin based solution of refrigeration system, designed to reduce electricity consumption through continuous system monitoring and automatic Set Points control.


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