Hydraulic pumps operation point control is essential part of any heating supply infrastructure which vastly influences the performance and effectiveness of the network. The optimization of pumps operating points is time consuming and calculation heavy work. It is a common practise to simplify this tasks by increasing the reserve threshold for the pumps parameters and skip the system multiple operation point analysis. All this streamlining leads to the low-efficiency performance of the network which increase both initial building and exploitation costs. Today’s constantly increasing scope and flexibility of both electric and hydraulic system modelling software allows engineers to perform the full in-depth network analysis which can be used to both increase performance and reduce the losses of the heating supply infrastructure.

Heating and hot water supply is one the branches in which optimization of process effectiveness is a must to do. This branch is very developed as it can be found not only in municipal households, but also in industry. To further analyze this branch, we will examine heating system study of a town district, which was done using electric and hydraulic system modeling program EA-PSM.

Full article find by pressing the link. Combined Electricity and Hydraulic Analysis of Cascade Heating Supply Infrastructure with EA-PSM Software

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