In this webinar we present real examples how new technologies like digital twin, predictive maintenance, big data analytics are applied for more effective biomass boiler control and performance.


  • Cloud solution for Data collection and visualization using IoT.
  • How Digital Twin technology can be used to increase Biomass Boiler efficiency within its design limits?
  • EA-SAS Boiler a digital advisor for the operator.
  • Indirect method of fuel consumption and moisture content evaluation.
  • Flue gas recirculation control and erosion effect reduction.
  • Boiler maintenance efficiency increase.
  • Human errors that can be avoided with digital tools.
  • EA-SAS Boiler dashboard and report examples.

Energy Advice is a technology development and consulting company focused on energy-intensive industries, developing digital solutions and providing consulting services to increase efficiency and sustainability.

EA-SAS Boiler – an analytical system based on Digital Twin technology that monitors, analyses, estimates boiler efficiency and controls it in most efficient way.

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