Keeping in track with environmental requirements and directives for CO2 reduction, companies seek to achieve energy efficiency goals. For the last decade, it accelerated a rapid growth of metering and IoT systems, however the lack of understanding how to utilize generated data to determine and achieve potential energy savings still remains in the industry. Digitalization considered as highest level of automatization, Standardized Digital Twin technology offer leap to the next generation efficiency for existing technologies.

This is a recording of webinar organized with HVL Data Science and IEEE Task Force on Resilient and Secure Large-Scale Energy Internet Systems, in a topic “EA-SAS Digital Twin as a Tool for Advanced Process Control and Predictive Maintenance”. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) project is granted by the Norwegian financial mechanism and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania funds [grant number LT-07-1-EIM-K01-006]. PdM functionality is implemented in EA-SAS Cloud platform as unique functionality created during Norway grants financed project.

Presenter Ph.D. Vytautas Šiožinys – CEO and founder of Energy Advice, Former Head of System Planning and research division at Litgrid (Lithuania transmission system operator), Former Associate Professor and Researcher at Kaunas University of Technology for more than ten years.

For the last five years Vytautas is focused on developing real time Digital Twin Technology to increase technological and energy efficiency. He is in charge of the strategic direction while developing innovative EA-SAS Digital Twin platform.

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