Latvian district heating companies are interested in digitalisation solutions created by Energy Advice

From September 9th to the 10th experts from Latvian district heating sector visited Lithuania. Goal of the visit – to get to know more about digitization solutions which are implemented in Lithuania’s district heating companies.

Tendencies of district heating digitalization were discussed in a conference and presentations were given by president of the  Lithuanian District Heating Association PhD Valdas Lukoševičius, vice president of the Latvian heat supply association Janis Berzinis.  CEO the of Energy Advice PhD Vytautas Šiožinys shared practical insights about digitization.

After the conference guests went to Jonava city where the director of Jonava district heating company Jonas Kaminskas presented how their heating network is managed with the help of digitalization technologies. Analytical system EA-SAS Heating developed by Energy Advice is implemented in the company. The system collects and provides real-time data of the city’s district heating network status: weather conditions, the amount of produced heat and heat demand,  energy consumption, supply and return water temperature, etc. All the calculations are performed, and the information is processed in real time. Operators connect to the EA-SAS Heating system online to monitor and control the network in efficient way. It allows  to provide heat supply to the community at the lowest price. 

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