sumazinta_EA-SAS Boiler. Heat transfer coefficient

EA-SAS Boiler feature: Boiler heat transfer coefficient calculation. Digital Twin functionality allow to  continuously calculate heat transfer coefficient from metered inlet and outlet values.  

Boiler heat transfer coefficient is a measure of the boiler’s ability to transfer heat. Lower than usual or descending heat transfer coefficient may indicate decreased heat transfer surface area thus alarming about the need to schedule maintenance: clean the boiler and its parts etc.

EA-SAS Boiler is a Digital Twin and AI based solution designed to optimize Boiler Control through continuous calculation of boiler mass and energy balance also advanced automatic set points control. EA-SAS Boiler does not require additional investments to infrastructure.

EA-SAS Boiler as a service delivers 24/7 availability of Digital Twin solution without hardware changes and ROI less than 1 year.

What is the difference between Digital Twin and standard Control system (SCADA)?

Traditional control systems rely on data collection from equipment and PLC control logic, however human is responsible for setpoint decision and change. Digital Twin together with Artificial Intelligent based algorithms deliver setpoints to the PLC instead of operator. Optimized control Setpoints are delivered each minute, instead of humans with hourly delay.

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