EU project: Development of EA-INDUSTRY system

Paslaugos energetiniam ir technologiniam efektyvumui

Informational message:

UAB Energy Advice is implementing the project “Development of an Innovative Complex Energy Resource Modeling System for Industrial Enterprises” , project code no. J05-LVPA-K-03-0002, funded under the measure “Intelligence. Joint science-business projects ”.

Start of project implementation – 25.05.2018. end – 24/05/2020

According to the director of UAB Energy Advice dr. Vytautas Šižinis, reduction of energy consumption and waste is becoming more and more important goals of industrial enterprises. One of the ways to achieve energy efficiency is to comprehensively model the company’s energy consumption processes at different points of production efficiency, analyze the interaction and find efficiency opportunities. Analysis of the entire plant and the entire energy industry as a system, rather than the individual components of compressed air, heating / ventilation air conditioning, air shut-off, hot water distribution, refrigeration systems and electricity generation, supply, consumption, hides huge savings potential.

The aim of the project – to create an intelligent complex energy resource modeling system EA-INDUSTRY, designed to comprehensively model and optimize the company’s energy consumption processes at different points of production efficiency.

Future users of the developed system – industrial engineers, consulting companies offering energy efficiency solutions. The product will allow engineering personnel to estimate the amount of resources used and the reduction potential without changing the production volumes – thus reducing the use of energy resources in the production of the same amount of production.

The total value of the project amounts to EUR 356,003.70, and EUR 188,188.87 has been allocated for the implementation of the project. funding from the European Regional Development Fund.