Glad to join Green DEAL TurkLit Expert Hub Platform GEH! Today we presented the leap to the next generation of Energy Efficiency – EA-SAS Digital Twin platform. At GEH we shared our knowledge on how Digital transformation in city control can lead to up to 55% reduction in ventilation electricity consumption and 24 % reduction in heating consumption by incorporating energy deman-dresponse concept from single control point. 

GEH platform’s mission is to develop long-term exchanges of experts and ideas between Lithuania and Türkiye for smart growth through sustainable development based on environmental goals, innovation, and a positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions. We are glad to share our innovative solutions!

Find presentation material here: DIGITAL TWIN for optimal building control. 

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Digital transformation in city control


  • Kindergartens
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Administration buildings
  • Other municipality buildings


  • 55 % Reduction in ventilation electricity consumption
  • 24 % Reduction in heating consumption
  • Energy demand response usage
  • Single control point

EA-SAS Digital Twin 

Pre-trained algorithms maximize efficiency and allow to reduce system optimization periods, while the user-friendly interfaces makes it comprehensible and accessible for everyone without extensive IT knowledge:

  • Engineers
  • Data analysts
  • Technicians
  • Managers

Roadmap to achieving maximum efficiency

Project status 

  • Data is being collected and used for analysis
  • Dashboards for main KPIs
  • Personnel is able to control building systems remotely
  • No-code solution for inputing working hours for different systems

Next steps 

  • Full Digital Twin – real time automated control of every building system
  • Add other building infrastructure systems (parking control, building access control)

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