EA-SAS Digital Twin for Optimal Building Control at Green Deal TurkLit Expert Hub Platform GEH

Glad to join Green DEAL TurkLit Expert Hub Platform GEH! Today we presented the leap to the next generation of Energy Efficiency – EA-SAS Digital Twin platform. At GEH we shared our knowledge on how Digital transformation in city control can lead to up to 55% reduction in ventilation electricity consumption and 24 % reduction in heating consumption by incorporating energy deman-dresponse concept from single control point. 

GEH platform’s mission is to develop long-term exchanges of experts and ideas between Lithuania and Türkiye for smart growth through sustainable development based on environmental goals, innovation, and a positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions. We are glad to share our innovative solutions!

Find presentation material here: DIGITAL TWIN for optimal building control. 

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Digital transformation in city control


  • Kindergartens
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Administration buildings
  • Other municipality buildings


  • 55 % Reduction in ventilation electricity consumption
  • 24 % Reduction in heating consumption
  • Energy demand response usage
  • Single control point

EA-SAS Digital Twin 

Pre-trained algorithms maximize efficiency and allow to reduce system optimization periods, while the user-friendly interfaces makes it comprehensible and accessible for everyone without extensive IT knowledge:

  • Engineers
  • Data analysts
  • Technicians
  • Managers

Roadmap to achieving maximum efficiency

Project status 

  • Data is being collected and used for analysis
  • Dashboards for main KPIs
  • Personnel is able to control building systems remotely
  • No-code solution for inputing working hours for different systems

Next steps 

  • Full Digital Twin – real time automated control of every building system
  • Add other building infrastructure systems (parking control, building access control)

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