EA-SAS Boiler new functionality: Fuel layer calculation. It allows to track if the amount of fuel supplied to the furnace by the grate is optimal. Fuel layer impacts combustion process: thicker layer of fuel requires higher amount of primary air. Optimal amount of primary air is crucial for efficient combustion process. For example, in case fuel layer is Thick, there is a possibility for inefficient combustion process, however Thin layer could lead to lack of thermal energy.

Tracking fuel layer together with Heat exchanger efficiency allow to increase biomass combustion efficiency.

EA-SAS Boiler is Cloud based Digital Twin solution that monitors, analyses, estimates boiler state and controls it in the most efficient way in real time. EA-SAS Boiler Digital Twin increases system efficiency through optimal control: collects system data from smart metering and SCADA, analyses it in real time and delivers optimal control Set Points for each time moment.

What is the difference between Digital Twin and standard Control system (SCADA)?

Traditional control systems rely on data collection from equipment and PLC control logic, however human is responsible for setpoint decision and change. Digital Twin together with Artificial Intelligent based algorithms deliver setpoints to the PLC instead of operator. Optimized control Setpoints are delivered each minute, instead of humans with hourly delay.

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