Practical training Solar PV integration challenges will be performed with software. You’ll learn how to design and integrate the solar power plant with software into electrical grid, understand related risks and mitigate integration mistakes.

Practical training Solar PV integration chalenges is a workshop during which you will do calculations yourself with a supervision of an experienced lector and will have an opportunity to implement gathered knowledge on your project.

Calculations will be performed with a power system modelling software EA-PSM Electric.

Additional information:

  • During practical training Solar PV integration, participant will solve real cases with the software EA-PSM Electric.
  • Software EA-PSM Electric will be installed in your computer.
  • Every participant should bring his PC.
  • Small groups (up to eight).

EA-PSM Electric for SOLAR

EA-PSM Electric allows to calculate load flows and short circuits in DC networks. User can specify DC network elements like resistance, voltage source and etc. For practical system modeling, EA-PSM also allows to add  DC cables, photovoltaic panels, DC batteries, AC/DC inverter  and DC circuit breakers.

Main features:

  • Direct current (DC) network design and calculation
  • DC battery sizing
  • AC/DC inverters
  • DC network protection coordination
  • Photovoltaic power station modelling

More about software EA-PSM Electric