Vilnius city municipality together with Energy Advice joined an Intelligent Energy lab initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to create open platform for generating and implementing smart energy solutions for Vilnius city. For Intelligent Energy lab initiative, Vilnius city municipality building at Konstitucijos av. 3 was selected for increasing energy efficiency with the help of state-of-the-art digitalization methods. Energy Advice used EA-SAS analytical system to read smart metering data and create digital twin model for building in Konstitucijos pr. 3. Digital twin allowed to determine reasonably and wastefully consumed thermal, cooling, electrical energy and water amount for each operation hour. During the project, Dashboard window with reports was created at EA-SAS program that allows to easily track energy consumption indexes and promptly respond for the responsible personnel. During the project it was determined that the potential to reduce energy consumption can reach 30%. Services were provided with great efficiency and quality. We recommend cooperation with UAB „Energy Advice“.

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