2016 UAB Energy Advice performed a comprehensive energy management of the buildings of the Bank of Lithuania (Gedimino ave. 6, Totorių str. 2, 4 and Žirmūnų str. 151, Vilnius) and of the energy management of the buildings (Gedimino ave. 6 and Totorių ave. 2, 4, Vilnius). (heating, hot water, conditioning) condition assessment: an explanatory single-line diagram of the entire electricity network of each building has been prepared and presented, the condition of heating, hot water, conditioning has been analyzed, the reliability of first category uninterruptible power supplies has been assessed, system readiness factor has been calculated, number of failures , the downtime of the power supply system of the first category of electricity consumers was estimated. The proposed measures for optimizing the electricity and energy sector and recommendations for eliminating the identified shortcomings are reasonable and understandable.

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