Multimeda is one of the biggest solid wood furniture manufacturers in Lithuania. In our production facilities we use dust collection systems with a total installed capacity of over 350 kW. These systems contribute significantly to our energy consumption, therefore, we ordered Energy Advice services to find energy mitigation opportunities. Energy Advice team applied EA-SAS software, created digital model of dust collection systems in our factory and calculated energy saving potential. The main finding was that due to big cross section area of main ducts, air flow speed can be too small to transport heavier dusts, therefore fans’ speed control cannot be done with existing ducts design. However, EA-SAS calculations also showed that by selecting optimal cross section area of ducts it is possible to ensure required air speed even with reduced fans’ speed. This would allow to save over 15% from dust collection system’s energy consumption. Therefore, we recommend EA-SAS Ventilation program for other companies that face problems with dust collection systems.

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