AB „Kauno energija” (Lithuania, EU) is the centralized heat supplier for the residents and organizations of Kaunas town and Kaunas district for more than 50 years. As of today, AB „Kauno energija” is highly developed modern DH Sector, the second largest utility in Lithuania according to the business volumes. The heat is being supplied to over 117 thousand consumers (households and organizations), which takes approximately 20 percent of country’s centralized heat supply market. UAB Kaunas energy is using software EA- PSM. This program is best for recognition of unforeseen errors when acquiring new equipment. Working with this software we can select optimal parameters for motors, generators, cables, capacitors, transformer, frequency drives, etc. Existing equipment failure analysis and prevention from the disturbances are performed to increase network reliability. The program is also used for the power flow, short circuit calculations, harmonic load flow as well as solving the relay protection and automation coordination tasks. We confirm that EA- PSM implemented by Energy Advice fulfilled all expectation of AB „Kauno energija”.

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