AB Grigeo states that company UAB Energy Advice have implemented EA-SAS Boiler analytical system for 18 MW Biomass Boiler with economizer operation control. During this project, Data Collector software was installed for real time data collection from Boiler control system. Biomass Boiler Digital Twin (mathematical model) that fully describes biomass combustion, heat exchange and energy flows was implemented. Overall energy balance was structured and is calculated for each 5 minutes. After implementing this project, amount of biomass fuel is recorded every 5 minutes, biomass fuel calorific value and moisture content are calculated in real-time. Optimal Control algorithm was developed. EA-SAS Boiler system provides optimal Biomass fuel and Primary and Secondary air control tasks (Set Points) for each minute. This optimal control tasks service helps Company’s operators increase efficiency of biomass combustion. Implementation of this project increased Biomass Boiler efficiency and helped to reach pursued energy production efficiency goals.
We note that Energy Advice specialists have smoothly implemented analytical system EA-SAS Boiler and provided high quality consulting on increasing Biomass Boiler efficiency.

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