In-house training for engineers and industrial companies

We offer the opportunity for engineers to update their professional knowledge through training courses tailored to the client’s specific work. After summarising the needs of the trainees, a training programme is developed and presented in a way that is acceptable to the client.

During the training, the lecturer helps to connect theory with practice, and the participants work together to perform calculations and analyse engineering problems in the workplace.

Suggested topics for in-house training:

  • Engineering
    • Process and systems integration.
    • Integrated design and analysis systems.
    • Systems engineering.
    • Mathematical modelling.
    • Thermodynamic analysis of processes and systems.
    • Modelling thermal processes.
    • Modelling hydrodynamic processes.
    • Modelling dynamic processes.
    • Optimal control of dynamic and hydrodynamic processes.
    • Modelling pneumatic systems.
    • Machine learning.
  • Energy and sustainability
    • Energy demand management.
    • Life cycle analysis of energy systems.
    • Energy efficiency:
      • The concept of the digital twin, its potential applications for increasing energy consumption
      • Level of automation in the company;
      • Data collection architecture;
      • Energy and energy intensity indicators, plant efficiency indicators;
      • Case study;
    • Energy accounting training and indicator systems training.
    • Modelling energy systems.
    • Information modelling for sustainable use and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Artificial intelligence, big and distributed data, heterogeneous analysis, processing and deployment
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics, language technologies, concept development:
      • large language models;
      • data modelling (handling, processing, quality and reliability)
      • data visualisation;
      • machine learning;
      • Statistics;
      • data analysis libraries;
      • reinforcement learning;
    • Data modelling and management:
      • data warehouses;
      • SQL databases;
      • NoSQL databases;
      • distributed databases;
      • big data.
    • Signal analysis (multimodal signal processing).
    • High-speed computing.
  • Other topics tailored to individual client needs. Agreed in advance according to the client’s request.

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