Date: 10th of September 2020, From 10 am to 12 pm EEST / 9 am to 11 am CEST (check webinar streaming time in your local time here)
Duration: 2 hours
Registration:  register on the website or by sending e-mail to
Price: Free of charge.


We invite You to participate in Free Online Webinar and find out what is district heating network digitalization in nowadays, how to optimize district heating control, reduce thermal pipe losses, apply hourly district heating system mode control etc.
Real examples will be presented.


District heating companies.


Optimal District Heating Network Control:

  • What is district heating network digitalization in nowadays?
  • How Thermal energy production can be reduced by 10%?
  • What is network energy saving potential?
  • How to calculate optimal District Heating Network mode?
  • What is the optimal supply side temperature?
  • What is the optimal mass flow?

Heat consumption forecast with EA-PSM Hydraulic:

  • EA-PSM Hydraulic acquire weather forecast data;
  • Forecast of Consumer hot water and thermal heat consumption;
  • Discussion on Hot water and Thermal heat consumption forecast models;
  • Discussion on weather forecast data precision and impact on Thermal energy forecast;
  • Consumption hourly model and forecast for 48h benefits;
  • How to evaluate technical parameters of Consumer at the connection point?

Thermal-Hydraulic calculation with EA-PSM Hydraulic:

  • Consumer data management;
  • GIS data management;
  • Automated data integration between GIS and Consumer database;
  • Apply hourly Thermal Heat Consumption forecast to GIS model;
  • Automated hourly and 48h ahead Thermal-Hydraulic calculations.

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