Engineering personnel operating a company’s electrical equipment and networks must consider three aspects: reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness of solutions. When troubleshooting electrical equipment, relocating existing equipment, or connecting new equipment, the engineer must make a quick, reliable, cost-effective decision. During the training, the tasks of optimizing electricity losses, improving energy quality, and increasing the reliability of network elements are solved.


EA-PSM Electric Academy – two days of practical training. During the training, the EA-PSM Electric program is installed on your computer. Each training participant will have the opportunity to create a network diagram (or part of the diagram) of their company, perform calculations and assess the condition of the electricity industry. After the training, participants will use the program for 2 months free of charge. During this period, consultations on the use of the program are provided free of charge.


For electrical engineers, designers and operational engineers of industrial enterprises. For those who want to perform high-quality calculations, responsibly model possible situations in the electricity network and select the most suitable solutions.


1 training day, duration 8 hours:

Electrical network diagram development program EA-PSM Electric

  • The EA-PSM program is installed on your computer.
  • Integration of your company’s network diagram.

Power flows in the electricity grid from cogeneration and renewable power plants

  • Requirements of the power quality standard EN50160 for mains voltage.
  • Checking network modes when a new load or source is connected.
  • Checking the mains modes, elements after disconnection of the power supply circuit and the load when supplying electricity from the backup source.
  • Checking the permissible transformer loads.
  • Selection of transformer branches.
  • Selection and verification of lines and cables for the existing network structure.
  • Verification of permissible and economic currents.
  • Calculation of voltage drops.
  • Equipment selection and inspection according to load current.

Operating modes of electric motors, higher harmonics in electrical networks and their evaluation

  • Influence of starting motors of electric motors on network operating modes.
  • Reactive power balancing in circuits with electric motors. Selection of reactive power devices.
  • Operation of electric motors with frequency converters.
  • Estimation of the level of higher harmonics in the electrical network.
  • Selection and operation of low and high harmonic frequency converters in the electrical network.
  • Higher harmonic filtering.
  • Resonance of higher harmonics in a network with capacitor batteries.

Day 2 of training, duration 8 hours:

Short circuits and equipment selection

  • Basic network data important for short-circuit current calculations.
  • Short-circuit currents from the system.
  • Short-circuit currents from synchronous generators.
  • Short-circuit currents from electric motors.
  • Short-circuit currents from renewable power plants.
  • Asymmetrical short circuits.
  • Single-phase short circuits in 0.4 kV network.
  • Single-phase earthing in isolated neutral networks.

Calculation of 0.4 kV – 35 kV relay protection and regulations

  • Selection of low voltage fuses.
  • Selection and coordination of low voltage circuit breakers.
  • Coordination of fuse and circuit breaker characteristics.
  • Medium voltage network maximum current protection and their characteristics.
  • Calculation, sensitivity assessment and coordination of overcurrent protection provisions.
  • Calculation and coordination of ground protection provisions.

Arc Flash Arc discharge calculation

  • Arc discharge calculations (ArcFlash).


  • During the training, EA-PSM Electric will be installed on your computer. Every training participant will have free access to the program for 2 months . Energy Advice staff advice will be provided throughout your stay with EA-PSM Electric.
  • During the training, participants will have the opportunity to solve their own tasks or will be provided with examples appropriate to the nature of the work performed by the audience.
  • More about EA-PSM Electric https://www.energyadvice.lt/en/products/

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