Date: 21st and 22nd of November 2019.
Duration: 2 days (16 hours).
Register until: 7th of November.
Price: 490 EUR, register till 31st of October and get 15% discount. Second booking charged at full published rate minus 50%.
Location: Warsaw, more information you’ll get after registration.


The purpose of the training is to show principles of Relay Protection Coordination to industrial companies’ engineers and design engineers. Participants will learn how to analyse the power network modes and provide preventive measures to minimize potential damage during the short circuits. The training course is designed to teach how to perform protection coordination tasks with better quality and efficiency


After the training you’ll get 60 days FREE UNLIMITED EA-PSM Electric software and CONSULTING for your project from protection coordination professionals.


Industrial companies‘ engineers working with medium voltage
electric networks, electric network design engineers.


2 days, duration 16 hours:

Electricity network scheme creation with EA-PSM Electric software

  • EA-PSM Electric will be installed on your computer;
  • Modelling a typical electrical network scheme. 

Theory classes:

  • Low and medium voltage fuses operation principle and characteristics;
  • Low voltage circuit breakers’ characteristics and application;
  • Overcurrent protection with definite time and inverse time characteristics;
  • Low and Medium voltage network overcurrent protection coordination principles;
  • Voltage protection coordination principles;
  • Ground fault protection coordination principles;
  • Arc suppression coil sizing and operation principle;
  • Current transformer selection according to ALF.

Practical course:

  • Short circuits calculation in low and medium voltage networks*;
  • Example on low voltage network overcurrent protection coordination;
  • Example on medium voltage network directional and non-directional overcurrent protection coordination;
  • Example on medium voltage network ground fault protection coordination;

*Practical tasks are done with software EA-PSM Electric.


  • Calculate directional and non-directional overcurrent protection settings;
  • Coordinate low and medium voltage protections selectivity;
  • Calculate voltage protection settings;
  • Coordinate voltage protection in the network;
  •  Evaluate equipment short circuit capability.


  • EA-PSM Electric software will be installed on your computer. Every participant will have the possibility to use the software for free for two months. All the time you will use EA-PSM Electric software, you will be provided with Energy Advice staff consultations.
  • During the training the participants will have the opportunity to solve their own tasks or they will be given examples that correspond to the nature of the work done by the participant.

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