Solving E-mobility challenges with EA-PSM Electric

Electric vehicles demand and development increase creates new challenges for distribution system operators. The power to charge the batteries should be delivered without violating any technical limits. It becomes important to solve these specific problems:

  • Can the required charging power be delivered in the normal operation case?
  • Is the extreme case (maximum load/minimum generation) still permissible?
  • Are there regional bottlenecks caused by concentrated high charging power of electric vehicles?
  • Is the grid reliability changing as a result of the new load situation?
  • From which e-mobility penetration do problems arise?
  • How to avoid peak loads?

EA-PSM capabilities for E-mobility

EA-PSM offers a solution to distribution system operators, network planning and strategic network development service providers and universities with functionality:

  • Load Flow Calculation;
  • Load Profiles;
  • Hosting Capacity;
  • Energy Quality;
  • Short Circuit Calculation;
  • Protection coordination.