District Heating Network Management Digitalization with EA-SAS Heating

One of the main challenges for district heating companies is to optimize investments to keep reliability, also to operate district heating network in the most efficient way and reduce losses. Now, IT solutions allows to forecast each Consumer heat consumption according to weather conditions and Consumer specification.

Real Time district heating network control using IT solutions

Real Time Heat Consumption forecast is applied to GIS network data. The optimal Energy-Hydraulic load flows are calculated automatically each hour with EA-PSM software. Optimal network control parameters are applied to existing SCADA system. Such approach allows to reduce losses in district heating networks. All calculations performed in EA-SAS Heating system and applied to the existing Control system.

EA-SAS Heating software automatically calculate heat-hydraulic and select optimal network control parameters according to forecasted consumption and weather conditions. Control district heating network in most efficient way and get exact parameters for:

    • Fluid flow rate
    • Pump pressure
    • Variable frequency drive frequency
    • Pressure in the network nodes
    • Optimal Fluid temperature
    • Heat Consumption hourly Power
    • Heat losses in each pipe also as overall District Heating network

Digitalise district heating network with EA-SAS Heating

  • Full hydraulic model of pipe, motor, pump valve, etc.
  • Maintain, manage, analyse the district heating network on GIS system
  • Energy - Hydraulic calculations, modelling and evaluation
  • Automatically generate technical requirements for new consumers
  • Evaluate consumer profiles
  • Measurements linkage to calculation results
  • Data exchange with existing DataBase
  • What-if scenarios evaluation