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A team of experienced engineers, analysts and programmers capable of providing the knowledge and IT systems to solve complex engineering challenges.



Helping companies meet their CO2 reduction targets.



Lead the development and deployment of energy-efficient IT systems in the most energy-intensive sectors.

“The most important idea of our business is to grow together with customers and offer the functionality needed for real projects. We are here to share our expertise and professional help. ”

CEO Ph.D. Vytautas Šiožinys

“In today’s world, every engineer needs to be able to make a decision in minutes. We develop software that saves engineers time and improves the quality of made decisions. ”

Executive Director Ph.D. Milvydas Šiožinys

"Our decision-making consulting is based on the implementation of efficient, reliable and safe technical solutions."

Energy project manager Mantas Kaminickas


Services for energy and technological efficiency


Engineering training and seminars

Energy Advice focuses only on high-quality, practice-based, beneficial training. The theory is taught during the training, as well as real engineering situations are analyzed, technical tasks are calculated, practical experience is shared, and a discussion takes place.

Customer feedback

Implemented projects

AB Rokiškio sūris states that company UAB Energy Advice provides control of energy consumption indexes. Based on hourly production volumes EA-SAS software forecasts energy consumption for each hour. System provides recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption and operate devices properly. What is more, Energy Advice specialists provides professional consulting regarding electricity procurement: helps to choose the most advantageous electricity procurement plan, based on company electricity consumption and electricity price forecasts.

AB Rokiškio sūris
Kazys Guobužas, Chief Energetic

AB Grigeo states that company UAB Energy Advice have implemented EA-SAS Boiler analytical system for 18 MW Biomass Boiler with economizer operation control. During this project, Data Collector software was installed for real time data collection from Boiler control system. Biomass Boiler Digital Twin (mathematical model) that fully describes biomass combustion, heat exchange and energy flows was implemented. Overall energy balance was structured and is calculated for each 5 minutes. After implementing this project, amount of biomass fuel is recorded every 5 minutes, biomass fuel calorific value and moisture content are calculated in real-time. Optimal Control algorithm was developed. EA-SAS Boiler system provides optimal Biomass fuel and Primary and Secondary air control tasks (Set Points) for each minute. This optimal control tasks service helps Company’s operators increase efficiency of biomass combustion. Implementation of this project increased Biomass Boiler efficiency and helped to reach pursued energy production efficiency goals.
We note that Energy Advice specialists have smoothly implemented analytical system EA-SAS Boiler and provided high quality consulting on increasing Biomass Boiler efficiency.

AB Grigeo
Audrius Maminskas, Technical and Project Director

With this recommendation we confirm that UAB Šakių šilumos tinklai are using services and IT tools EA-SAS and EA-PSM Hydraulic provided by Energy Advice. Company specialists hace sucessfully completed network digitalization tasks: real-time optimal network control and hydraulic network modelling, optimization of pipelines diameters. Our company experience shows that Energy Advice is a reliable partner that provides services in great quality and helps our company to achieve digitalization and energy efficiency goals.

UAB Šakių šilumos tinklai
Vilmantas Paškevičius, Commerce director

AB KLAIPĖDOS MEDIENA is one of the largest companies of the VMG Group in Lithuania. We are producers of particle board and cabinet furniture from finished PB.
In order to improve efficiency of manufacturing processes, we have chosen company UAB “Energy Advice” to conduct full-scale energy audit and make detail evaluation of compressed air and ventilation system. Energy Advice professionals proposed solutions for energy efficiency improvement. In the report, technical methods are proposed on how to reduce energy consumption of dust collection, compressed air, electricity distribution and heating systems. Services were provided on time and with great quality. We recommend Energy Advice as a reliable partner.

AB Klaipėdos mediena
Nikolajus Ivanovas, Director

Viking Malt is the leading malting company in Nothern Europe. We state that company Energy Advice performed energy and IT audit and highlighted energy intensive processes and biggest saving opportunities. Later analytical system EA-SAS was installed for production process digitalization and optimization. Now we have all Data in one place and use it for decision making. Also, we have a digital twin of the production plant technological process including grain steeping, germination and drying processes. Digital twin technology provides optimal control set points that allows us tp improve technological process characteristics and energy efficiency. We recommend Energy Advice as a reliable partner.

Viking Malt
Darius Vilkas, Managing Director

EU project: Export development

15.08.2019 UAB Energy Advice is implementing the project “UAB Energy Advice Export Development” according to the 2014-2020. Measure No. of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program Priority 3 “Promotion of Small and Medium Business Competitiveness” 03.2.1.-LVPA-K-801 “New opportunities for LT”. UAB Energy Advice aims to remain competitive in the market, therefore additional investments are planned in the presentation of its services and products in international market.

EU project: Development of EA-INDUSTRY system

2018.05.30 UAB Energy Advice implemented the project “Development of an innovative complex energy resource modeling system for industrial enterprises”, project code no. J05-LVPA-K-03-0002, funded under the measure “Intelligence. Joint science-business projects ”. Start of project implementation - 25.05.2018. end - 24/05/2020 According to the director of UAB Energy Advice dr. Vytautas Šiožinys, Reduction of Energy Consumption and Waste is becoming more and more important for Industrial Enterprises.

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