EA-PSM Hydraulic for Gas Distribution Networks

One of the main goals of Gas Distribution System Operator is to ensure reliable gas supply for end
user. Complex gas pipe infrastructure has different pressure levels, consist of many loops and branches. Each gas consumer has his own consumption profile, which makes grid analysis and maintenance a complex task. The comprehensive EA-PSM Hydraulic software is best choice for the complex Gas DSO.

Main problems that user can solve with EA-PSM Hydraulic:

  • Analyze big data;
  • Access utilities drawings, documents, models, and maps;
  • Review and redline network models and maps;
  • Integrate with utility operational systems;
  • Maintain utilities network models and maps;
  • Identify weak points in the network;
  • Evalute users consumption;
  • Identify hydraulic losses in the network;
  • Digitalize and structure data about your gas distribution system.

Data Management

Access utilities drawings, documents, models, and maps

Use EA-PSM GIS tools to create buffers, overlays, joins, dynamic labels, reports, and queries. Perform radial, upstream/downstream, shortest/multiple/redundant path traces for flow, conduit, and cathodic protection networks. Analyze and report on leaks for an area or the entire network.

Review and redline network models and maps

Perform markups. Add notes, record actions, and depict as-built status on digital maps.

Integrate with utility operational systems

Maximize the ROI of your utilities network model through integration with outage management, distribution management, mobile workforce management, and enterprise asset management. Ensure consistent network information across systems and optimise business and operations processes to deliver a more reliable network.

Maintain utilities network models and maps

Employ a full-featured utilities GIS based on EA-PSM GIS. Edit GIS features with automated tools that apply your standards and business rules. Use integration between your design system and GIS to avoid rework and ensure accurate as-built status.

GIS Solution

EA-PSM solution with Intelligent network models are critical for the efficient operation of your utilities networks. Maintain, manage, analyze, and publish intelligent network models, maps, and related data with a GIS solution for desktop. Employ design and analysis applications that include engineering and GIS capabilities for network tracing, analysis, reporting, and utility map and drawing production.
EA-PSM GIS allows to combine engineering, geospatial, and operational data from many sources to ensure precise view of the operated network. Isolate outages, locating affected customers in an emergency. Increase your field crew productivity in support of maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting work in the field.