EA-PSM for Electricity Distribution System Operators

People consume more electricity than ever before and expect to get it without interruptions. Authorities are increasingly interested in how well electricity is provided to people. This puts pressure for electrical utilities to provide evidence of the reliability of their electricity distribution.

EA-PSM Electric is used for network modelling, planning and optimization which helps to have better SAIDI and SAIFI results in the network. Also it helps to deal with other challenges in the network like predictive maintenance, electrical consumption forecast, solar and wind integration, automated calculation for new consumer connection.

Capabilities of EA-PSM Electric:

  • Access utilities drawings, documents, models, and maps in digital format
  • Review and highlight network models and maps
  • Integrate with utility management systems
  • Maintain utilities network models and maps
  • Identify weak points in the network
  • Evaluate and forecast users consumption
  • Digitalize and structure data about Electric distribution system
  • Evaluate potential connection power to the grid
  • Quickly and accurately evaluate “what-if” scenarios in the power distribution network
  • Evaluate feasibility of technical measures for energy efficiency improvement

Technical features

  • Load flow analysis;
  • Short circuit calculation;
  • Arc flash calculation;
  • Harmonic load flow analysis;
  • Protection & automation;
  • Parallel lines modeling;
  • Protection tracking module;
  • GIS integration;
  • CAD, PDF, Excel export;
  • Sankey diagrams;
  • Distance protection.

Central database solution

Integrate with utility operational systems

Maximize the ROI of your utilities network model through integration with outage management, distribution management, mobile workforce management, and enterprise asset management. Ensure consistent network information across systems and optimise business and operations processes to deliver a more reliable network.

Maintain utilities network models and maps

Employ a full-featured utilities GIS based on EA-PSM GIS. Edit GIS features with automated tools that apply your standards and business rules. Use integration between your design system and GIS to avoid rework and ensure accurate as-built status.