EA-PSM Electric for Street Lighting Solutions

EA-PSM Electric is an innovative cloud & desktop based software for electric networks.

Main problems that the user can solve with EA-PSM Electric:

  • Calculation of power flows, short circuits and harmonics in the grid;
  • Digitalize and structure data for your system;
  • Size cables according to standards;
  • Evaluate feasibility of technical measures for energy efficiency improvement;
  • Evaluate potential network expansion.

Technical features

  • Load flow analysis;
  • Short circuit calculation;
  • Arc flash calculation;
  • Harmonic load flow analysis;
  • Protection & automation;
  • Distance protection;
  • Parallel lines modeling;
  • Protection tracking module;
  • GIS integration;
  • CAD, PDF, Excel export;
  • Sankey diagrams;

Central database solution