Date: 6th and 7th of June 2019.
Duration: 2 meetings 8 hours each. Over all 16 hours.
Register until: 23rd of May.
Price: 490 EUR, register till 16th of October and get 15% discount. Second booking charged at
full published rate minus 50%.
Location: Warsaw, more information you’ll get after registration.


Reactive power consumption or generation creates additional costs for the company. Capacitor batteries, shunt reactors, passive or active filters are used to reduce these costs. However, inappropriately designed compensation system overcompensates or under compensates reactive power, what is more it can cause harmonic resonances that will significantly reduce its lifetime and create many other problems.

During these training we will address problems related to reactive power compensation and show the most feasible way to solve them. During practical part participants will perform technical calculations that are necessary to find optimal solution.


•For 2 months period after the training participants will be able to have free consultations from field specialists.
•Participants will be able to apply their knowledge by solving examples that are similar or identical to their electric network.
•Participants will be able to provide their specific questions before the training, these questions will be addressed during the training.


The training course is created for industrial companies‘ engineers operating low and medium voltage electric networks and seeking to reduce company’s expanses on reactive power.


2 days, duration 16 hours:

Electric network single line diagram creation with EA-PSM Electric software

  • EA-PSM Electric software will be installed on your computer
  • Participants will create typical industrial electric network examples.

Power flows in the electric network

  • EN50160 Electrical energy quality requirements for electric network;
  • Network modes analysis after connecting a new load or source;
  • Verification of permissible transformer loads;
  • Selection of transformer taps;
  • Selection and testing of lines and cables for the existing network structure;
  • Cable ampacity calculation;
  • Voltage drop calculations.

Reactive power equipment selection

  • Balancing of reactive power in circuits with electric motors. Selection of reactive power equipment;
  • Optimal location estimation for capacitor connection;
  • Capacitors selection for individual motors;
  • Capacitor switching surges calculation;
  • Calculation of the influence of reactive power devices on power losses and voltage levels;
  • Selection of short circuit and surge protection for reactive power units.

Problems and solutions for higher harmonics

  • Higher harmonics calculation in electric network;
  • Resonance of higher harmonics in the network with capacitor batteries;
  • Higher harmonics filtering: detuned and tuned filters selection.


  •  EA-PSM Electric software will be installed on your computer. Every participant will have the possibility to use the software for free for two months. All the time you will use EA-PSM Electric software, you will be provided with Energy Advice staff consultations;
  • During the training the participants will hate the opportunity to solve their own tasks or they will be given examples that correspond to the nature of the work done by the participant.

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