Power system studies

Providing wide variety of engineering services from power systems design and development areas. Our expertise covers transmission, distribution and industrial networks. We deliver expert solutions for comprehensive power system studies.  Power system planning requires great knowledge, analysis of vast amount of data and accuracy, thus, computational power employment allows us to ensure:

  • Reliable results
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Fast project completion
  • Best prices

We are performing industrial, distribution and transmission electrical power network studies:

  • Motor starting analysis
  • Electric power generator connection analysis
  • Reactive power compensation, capacitors sizing
  • Power quality, harmonic load flows analysis and harmonic filters sizing
  • Renewable energy sources integration analysis and coordination
  • Design of electric power networks
  • Electric power systems’ equipment sizing
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Protection coordination
  • Measurements and data analysis of electric parameters in industrial networks
  • Economic feasibility assessments of  technical solutions in an electric power networks