EA-PSM for Oil & Gas industry

Network simulation empowers analysis for decision making. Energy systems and networks are modelled for reliable, efficient and safe performance. Decision making becomes more informed, and system changes have the right impact.

EA-PSM software allows to model, analyse and evaluate all engineering system in one solution. Combine electric and hydraulic (compressed air, ventilation, cooling, heating, water) networks and solve the most important engineering challenges in any factory. Model any interaction between energy resources or analyze it separately.

Problems to be solved:

  • Prediction of Hydraulic network utilization;
  • Network week point identification;
  • Network Hydraulic losses identification;
  • Surplus Hydraulic network pressure evaluation and reduction;
  • Automated Pressure Regulator parameter adjustment;
  • Valve, Compressor parameters Adjustment;
  • Users consumption evaluation;
  • User consumption profile Adjustment;
  • Automated Material Balance evaluation.

Technical features

  • Select optimal size pump and electric motor to reduce energy consumption of the system.
  • Avoid surplus investments on oversized equipment;
  • Evaluate flow regulation with variable frequency drive or valves and choose the most cost-effective solution;
  • Choose optimal pipe diameter and reduce fluid distribution losses in new or existing installations;
  • Create comprehensive technical documentation and reduce system maintenance costs;
  • Integrated CoolProp library allows to model not only main liquids like water, natural gas, petroleum, refined products, chemicals, refrigerants but also a wide variety of other liquids.

Central database solution