EA-PSM for Manufacturing Companies

Industrial processes and data digitization is nowadays trend in engineering which helps to move towards Industry 4.0 concept to save personnel time and company‘s money.

EA-PSM software allows to model, analyze and evaluate all engineering system in one solution. Combine electrical and hydraulic (compressed air, ventilation, cooling, heating, water) networks and solve the most important engineering challenges in any factory. Model any interaction between energy resources or analyze it separately.

Problems to be solved

  • Create comprehensive technical documentation of electric, compressed air, ventilation, cooling, heating, water, gas networks;
  • Reduce system maintenance costs;
  • Avoid nuisance protection tripping and ensure selective operation of electrical protection devices;
  • Reduce energy losses in your network by evaluating quality of technical solutions;
  • Evaluate influence of changes in the network configuration;
  • Prepare comprehensive technical orders for design engineers.

Computerized maintenance management system