EA-PSM Hydraulic modeling software for industry!

EA-PSM Hydraulic software used for evaluation of the piping system energy losses, pipe selection, pump selection, pressure and flow regulation. Calculate natural gas flow, compressed air and pneumatic systems air flow, ventilation air flow or any other systems. Hydraulic modeling software allows to model water, petroleum, refined products, chemicals, refrigerants and other liquids. With EA-PSM Hydraulic engineers can model and solve the most common engineering problems.

Model&Analyse your network – find safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions!

EA-PSM Hydraulic modeling software benefits:

  • Select optimal size pump, fan or induction motor, to reduce energy consumption of the system.
  • Avoid surplus investments on oversized equipment.
  • Evaluate flow regulation with variable frequency drive or valves and choose the most cost-effective solution.
  • Choose optimal diameter pipes and reduce fluid distribution losses in new or existing installations.
  • Create comprehensive technical documentation and reduce system maintenance costs.

Electric & Hydraulic model synergy and calculation on one platform Combine electrical and hydraulic networks and solve the most important engineering challenges in any factory. Model any interaction between networks or analyze it separately.

More about EA-PSM Electric find here.

EA-PSM Hydraulic functionality:

  • Hydraulic flow calculation
  • Hydraulic gas flow calculation
  • Time-dependent flow calculation
  • Pipe selection
  • Pump sizing
  • Valve selection
  • Electric motor power consumption evaluation
  • Flow regulation with VFD or valves evaluation
  • Integrated CoolProp library
  • CAD, PDF, excel export options
  • GIS integration
  • Draw Sankey diagram

New release of EA-PSM 2018!

EA-PSM Hydraulic New functionalities:

Combine electrical and hydraulic networks and solve the most important engineering challenges. Model any interaction between networks or analyze it separately.

  • Piping system design for water, natural gas, compressed air and many other fluids;
  • Selection of compressors, pumps or fans;
  • Fluid flow control with a variable frequency drive and valves;
  • Thermal hydraulic flows calculation, modelling of heat exchangers;
  • Piping system integration with GIS database.

Both EA-PSM Electric and Hydraulic networks are fully interconnected – user can select fluid-mover, induction motor, variable frequency drive, pipes, valves and other equipment and simulate fluid flow control, electrical energy consumption and losses, parallel operation of fluid-movers and many other studies.

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Device Libraries – a large number of pipe libraries are distributed with the software. User can also create customized libraries which contain data for devices such as pumps, valves, air vacuum valves, surge tanks, back flow preventers, and pipe. A library can be created for almost any device.

Free Technical Support on your project – free online or on-site support on your project with EA-PSM Hydraulic for the first year. Our team of experts will guide you on your projects as much as you need.