Energy audits

Energy Advice is the leading energy auditing company in Lithuania

The purpose of energy audit is to analyse energy use of the facility, find out the potential for energy savings and present recommendations with saving proposals. Energy audit should not only focus on optimizing separate technologies but even more important make systematic assessment of the entire production process.

Experience by industry:

  • Food products
  • Glass and glassware
  • Fertilizers and other chemicals
  • Fuel and oil products
  • Wood products
  • Financial services
  • Materials for road building extractions

Our team of engineers and scientists has performed energy audit services on buildings and technological systems including chillers (centrifugal, reciprocating, screw, absorption, etc.), cooling towers and pumps, compressed air, variable speed drives, energy management systems, computer systems, lighting systems, HVAC retrofits, central plants, photovoltaic and other renewable energy systems.

What Energy Audit gives to the Customer?

  • Identifies highest achievable potential of energy and costs savings.
  • Points out visible as well as hidden technical/operational/technological deficiencies.
  • Recommends technical parameters of measures.
  • Calculates investment needs of measures, their asset – economical, technical.
  • Proposes procedure for realization of measures.
  • It is very effective technical, economical and management tool for investment decision processes going out of techno – economic modelling.
  • It is solid basement for effective control of energy consumption and also operational costs.

Energy Advice provides Energy Audit service for Industrial companies according to Energy Audit Standard EN 16247, ISO50002 and ISO50001.