Static motor starting calculations

Motor starting may have a major impact on system state. Using Motor Starting function you can easily evaluate the influence of motor starting on the whole electrical power system.


Developed for maintenance engineers…

  • Comprehensive knowledge of a system state right after a powerful motor start-up before even starting the motor allows to avoid dangerous overcurrent that may lead to an expensive equipment failure.
  • Reliable results of motor start-up currents after a few clicks in your computer or tablet.
  • Allows to assess the influence of voltage drops on other system elements after a motor start-up.

… and for design engineers as

  • Allows to estimate the need for a soft-starting equipment and choose the best technical solution for your project.
  • A handy tool when calculating parameters of the overcurrent protection equipment.


Use Motor Start-up function to perform these practical tasks:

Avoid equipment failure Optimize expenditures for soft-starting devices Fast and easy documentation
Within a few steps you can calculate system overcurrents and adjust protection devices to avoid harmful consequences. The module is a good tool to assess the sufficient parameters of the soft-starting equipment and avoid overpaying for unappropriated device. EA-PSM Electric allows to export system data and calculation results to Microsoft Office