Protection and Automation

Protection and Automation function is developed for the calculation and coordination of relay protection and automation settings. Intuitive analysis of Time-Current Characteristics (TCC), an extensive library of well-known manufacturers’ protection devices and easy-to-use graphical user interface, makes EA-PSM Electric an efficient and reliable tool to verify equipment protection, protection device settings, and coordinate protections.


  • Select fuses and circuit breakers from an extensive database of leading manufacturers’ products. It is also possible to model a custom tripping characteristic of the protection device.
  • User can manually change settings of protection devices and at the same time assess the impact of the changes on a system.
  • Module can be used for protection coordination in systems with any voltage level.
  • Protection settings calculations are performed for: non-directional and directional current, minimum and maximum voltage, non-directional and directional earth faults.
  • Ground fault protection settings are calculated for isolated, compensated as well as grounded through resistance neutral networks.
  • Available current protection characteristics covers definite time (DT) and also dependent on time NI, VI, and EI characteristics.
  • Current transformer selection and automatic ALF calculation.
  • Automated protection sensitivity calculation.
  • Mini circuit breakers for low voltage systems are also available.

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With EA-PSM Electric you will be able to perform these common tasks:

Protection coordination Troubleshooting of false trips Fast and easy documentation
Perform overcurrent protection device coordination study with a mouse-click simplicity. Solve relay mis-operation and mis-coordination problems and to find out reasons for false trips. EA–PSM Electric allows to export system data and calculation results to Microsoft Office® and AutoCAD®.