Harmonic Load Flow calculation

With EA-PSM Electric Harmonic Analysis you can simulate harmonic current and voltage sources, identify and mitigate harmonic problems and adopt the most efficient technical solution for power quality improvement. The module comply IEEE 519 standard and is verified with test case studies.


  • Analyze the impact of power inverters and variable frequency drives on harmonic distortion in your power network and avoid unexpected equipment failure caused by poor power quality.
  • Get immediate results of harmonic load flows and eliminate time-consuming hand calculations from your everyday works.
  • Simulate influence of wind and solar power plants on harmonic distortions in a microgrid or a distribution network.

Harmonics Load Flow alows to perform these common tasks:

Avoid harmonic resonance Analyze harmonic distortion problems Fast and easy documentation
Add power factor correction capacitors and avoid unexpected harmonic resonance that can cause costly downtime or equipment damage. Identify the causes of high harmonic distortions and eliminate them by adopting the best techno-economic solution. EA–PSM Electric allows to export system data and calculation results to Microsoft Office® and AutoCAD®, harmonic spectrum plots can be exported as a picture.