Distance Protection and Coordination module

EA-PSM Distance Protection and Coordination module provides tool to examine the performance of distance relay settings and other protective devices. With this module user will be able to draw R/X diagrams and perform common distance relay studies.



  • Unlimited number of user-defined impedance zones.
  • Impedance zones according to manufacturer.
  • Start-up characteristics: over current, angle dependent under impedance, R/X-characteristic, directional/bi-directional and time.
  • R/X- input characteristic: MHO, Circle, Polygon, or defined point-by-point.
  • Simulation of fault clearing procedure in meshed networks based on the short circuit module.
  • Impedance/Reactance of the positive sequence system or the loop impedances are calculated for any short circuit type. Compensation factors due to zero sequence system impedance and mutual coupling are considered in calculating the loop impedances.
  • Interactive change of relay setting parameters and characteristics.
  • Impedances are entered and displayed in primary values.


With EA-PSM Protection and Automation module you will be able to perform these common tasks:

Troubleshooting of false trips Coordination of distance protection Fast and easy documentation
Helps to solve relay mis-operation and mis-coordination problems and to find out reasons for false trips. The module allows the user to add distance protection relays with their settings and characteristics, get voltage, current and impedance values seen by a distance relay, enter tripping schedules, and active a fault clearing procedure. EA–PSM allows to export system data and calculation results to Microsoft Office® and AutoCAD®.