EA-PSM Hydraulic Features

Analyse water, gas, compressed air and other hydraulic systems.

EA-PSM Hydraulic is an engineering software used for residential, industrial and municipal hydraulic systems design, calculation and modeling. It allows to find optimal technical solutions in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. EA-PSM Hydraulic is widely used by natural gas and water distributors, district heating operators, industrial companies, design and consulting firms. Software used for evaluation of the piping system energy losses, pipe selection, pump selection, pressure and flow regulation, calculate gas flows in compressed air, ventilation or any other gas distribution systems.

  • Select optimal size pump, fan or induction motor to reduce energy consumption of the system.
  • Avoid surplus investments on oversized equipment.
  • Evaluate flow regulation with variable frequency drive or valves and choose the most costeffective solution.
  • Choose optimal diameter pipes and reduce fluid distribution losses in new or existing installations.
  • Create comprehensive technical documentation and reduce system maintenance costs.
  • Integrated CoolProp library allows to model not only main liquids like water, petroleum, refined products, chemicals, refrigerants but also a wide variety of other liquids.
  • Large number of equipment libraries.
  • Technical support on your projects.
  • Model Electric & Hydraulic networks on one program.