EA-PSM Electric Features

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Arc flash

Arc flash function allows users to calculate arc flash incident energy, flash boundary, both arc and fault currents, safe working distance.

Parallel lines

High voltage transmission lines can be constructed of several parallel conductors, arranged on the same or even different towers.

Protection tracking

Protection tracking Protection tracking feature allows to estimate protection devices operation in the power system under normal, short circuit or motor start-up conditions.

Load flow analysis

Load Flow analysis With EA-PSM Electric Load Flow function, one can calculate load flows in all kind of power systems from low and mid voltage distribution and industrial networks to high voltage transmission grids.

Short circuit calculation

Short Circuit calculation EA-PSM Electric Short Circuit calculation helps to get immediate results of three-phase, phase-to-phase, phase-to-isolated neutral and phase-to-grounded neutral short circuit currents.

Static motor starting

Static motor starting calculations Motor starting may have a major impact on system state. Using Motor Starting function you can easily evaluate the influence of motor starting on the whole electrical power system.

Harmonics calculation

Harmonic Load Flow calculation With EA-PSM Electric Harmonic Analysis you can simulate harmonic current and voltage sources, identify and mitigate harmonic problems and adopt the most efficient technical solution for power quality improvement.

Protection and automation

Protection and Automation function is developed for the calculation and coordination of relay protection and automation settings.

Distance protection and coordination module

Distance Protection and Coordination module EA-PSM Distance Protection and Coordination module provides tool to examine the performance of distance relay settings and other protective devices.

Cable sizing

Cable sizing  Cable sizing is a common task for electrical system engineers. A proper cable is chosen by verifying several conditions that it needs to meet.

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