Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy power generation is constantly growing as a result of promotional policies and development of renewable energy harvesting technologies.

Intermittent generation of renewable energy power plants can cause power quality problems and other challenges that must be coped for the successful system integration. With EA-PSM Electric it is possible to solve technical or general type problems related to renewable energy power plants integration and design. 

AC and DC network in one SLD

  • Automatically calculates cable lengths according to cable junction point locations on map;
  • Generates single line diagram from GIS drawing;
  • Generates equipment and calculation results report;
  • Helps select cables, calculate voltage drops and power losses;
  • Protection selection and coordination.

The most popular features:

  • Protection coordination;
  • Load flows;
  • Short circuits;
  • Harmonics;
  • Arc flash;
  • Insulation coordination;
  • Surge arrester sizing;
  • Cable sizing;
  • Solar PV generation evaluation.

Solar PV energy calculation

Solar PV daily, monthly and annual power generation estimation is necessary to calculate the payback period of the installation.

Choose peak-power modules, select optimal AC & DC cables as well as inverters.

EA-PSM allows to calculate solar PV system power generation. This calculation module is based on the parameters of PV modules and inverters, solar power plant geographical location, modules positioning.

DC Network Design

Proper DC network modeling requires to perform calculations of short circuits and normal mode currents. These calculations are necessary for selecting cables as well as protection equipment.

EA-PSM allows to calculate DC network with solar PV arrays.

This module will evaluate solar PV and inverter models, also solar irradiation. Software has a broad library of over 13000 PV modules and 4600 inverters.

Wind turbine power quality assessment

The flicker as a result of wind turbines has gained attention in recent years. Rapid variations in wind speed produce fluctuating power, which can lead to voltage fluctuations at the point of common coupling (PCC), which in turn generate flicker.

EA-PSM allows to calculate voltage flicker due to continuous operation, due to switching operation (start-up at cut-in wind speed, start-up at rated wind speed or higher, worst case switching between generators) and relative voltage change due to a switching operation.

SLD and GIS at one program

EA-PSM Electric for Renewable Energy Integration:

In this video we present how to perform calculations related to wind and solar PV integration into electrical grid, understand related risks and mitigate integration mistakes. With a help of EA-PSM you can solve solar and wind power plants integration problems and analyse related international standards’ requirements (IEC and IEEE).

Presented topics: Impact of reactive power (-0.95 to 0.95) adjustment. Impact of solar power plant on electrical grid. Calculations of maximum and minimum voltage levels, voltage control in the grid, voltage fluctuations and flickers. Short circuit calculations. Medium voltage cables capacitive currents calculation. Protection coordination. DC side calculations and PV modules behavior analysis.